Take Over the Arcade with Miss Fortune Cosplay

Sarah Fortune made a name for herself as the beautiful bounty hunter of Bilgewater by owning her own ship by the age of sixteen. Known for taking on any bounty, she uses Shock and Awe, her twin pistols, to achieve her goals. When she was young, however, she lost her mother to a red eyed man who had broken into their home. Wanting to track down this vicious assailant but not knowing his identity has led her to the League of Legends, where she hopes to not only exact revenge for her mother but to help make the people of Bilgewater a strong, unified society.


Arcade is one of the most colorful skins for Miss Fortune available. Milk-dr0p slips into her purple and lavender skirt, pink and white top and orange vest in this super fun cosplay. Bubblegum pink hair is covered with an orange cap embellished with a pink pixel heart. Light pink arm warmers and colorful bracelets keep the fun going. Pink and purple boots finish off the look. Posing with retro pistols, Milk-dr0p makes an adorable but deadly Arcade Miss Fortune.




Photos by Ailish01