Take-Two CEO Says GTA Online is ‘the gift that keeps on giving’


In a conversation with Fox News, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick stated that Grand Theft Auto Online’s success has been one of the best changes made to the established franchise. In fact, almost three fourths of the players who have bought and play Grand Theft Auto V also play GTA Online. “Just a few years ago when we put out a product, no matter how big, when we put out a hit we collected our money, we went onto the next,” Zelnick stated. “Now what we’re finding is we’re creating recurrent consumer spending and we have the gift that keeps on giving.”

Since taking over the company back in 2007, one of Zelnick’s main goals was to see players make multiple purchases in-game and”it’s nice to see it coming true.” In addition, Take-Two plans to add the Capture Mode to Grand Theft Auto Online’s content-creation tools in two days. Sometime this spring the game will also see co-op heist missions added to GTA Online.




Source: Fox News