Tantalizing Black Canary Cosplay Shows She’s a True Bird of Prey

The Black Canary is one of the most bad ass super hero vigilante fighters that the DC universe has ever seen. In fact, she is so freaking awesome that there have been two epic Canaries over the years. Dinah Drake and her daughter, Dinah Lance, have both left their mark in the Canary legacy with their epic adventures in crime fighting.


While they both have some significant differences that set them apart, Dinah Lance certainly obtained several of her mother’s traits and abilities, such as her stellar good looks, and her notorious Canary Cry that has stunned many a villain with its supersonic high pitched waves that have been known to shatter solid objects.


There have been numerous amazing cosplays of both Canaries over the years, which make it extremely difficult for a cosplay artist to stand out in the cosplay community. Heather1337 has done some absolutely stunning cosplays that have earned a lot of attention in the community from fans, to fellow cosplay artists, and even some distinguished photographers in the business. While there are several epic worthy cosplays in her portfolio, we are huge fans of her gorgeous, yet bad ass, Black Canary cosplay that was captured by an extremely talented, and up and coming, photographer in the community, David Love Photography.


Rocking her gorgeous natural blonde locks, Heather already looked stellar and ready for her next big fight as the Black Canary. However, her superb craftsmanship skills and natural beauty were taken to a whole new level when she worked with David Love who used his marvelous photo manipulation skills to take Heather straight into the DC universe, making her a true Bird of Prey who is by far one of our all-time favorite embodiments of the Black Canary.


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Photography by David Love.


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Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi