This Tantalizing X-Men Psylocke Cosplay is Not an Illusion

Photography by David Tucker

Of all the mutants that roam the Marvel universe, Betsy Braddock aka Psylocke just might be the most striking due to her brainy abilities. Of course, while telekinesis is one super sexy power, so is Psylocke’s ability to rock her epic velvet purple locks. Not only has Psylocke been through a hurricane of emotions and turmoil throughout her existence, the tantalizing mutant has experienced what it is like to live again after tragically dying at the hands of one of her many adversaries.

Photography by David Love

Psylocke is defiantly one epic high-level mutant who possesses a vast amount of exceptional skills, such as astral projection and telepathy, in addition to being an extremely skilled master of martial arts whose swordsmanship should make any living creature quiver in fear. It is certainly easy to see why she is one of the most cosplayed mutants out there. After all, who could resist the urge to spend the day embodying a gorgeous model who spends her days fighting with some of the finest mutants in the X-Men?

Photography by David Love

The beautiful cosplayer and model, Jenifer Ann, looks absolutely stunning in her spot-on embodiment of Psylocke. Tightly gripping her katana, Jenifer Ann looks as if she were ready to take down the beastly Sabretooth without even thinking twice about it. She has teamed up with two amazing photographers to capture some of the best prints we have ever seen out there of Psylocke.

Photography by David Tucker

We love how they have incorporated some epic photo edits to add Psylocke’s psychic knife that allows her to read the very thoughts of her adversaries. With the beautiful bright butterfly aura glowing around her face, we almost have to wonder if she is ready to take the astral form of her butterfly. There is no doubt about it; Jenifer Ann has done an exceptional job at embodying the soul of Betty Braddock.


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 Written by Guest Contributor: Domoshimi