Tea Time and Cosplay With Alice Kirkland!

The name was Arthur Kirkland. Supporter and almost well-known pirate of the United Kingdom. Some called him “England” and others called him “the delinquent of Europe”. But all in all, Arthur was a short tempered person with a love for tea and mythical creatures. Some say he’s stubborn, potty mouthed, and just plain out cold when really, he can be loyal as well as a respectful gentlemen. All of these characteristics define Arthur as a unique guy, now, imagine if Arthur was actually an Alice.


Cosplayer Marina ReIkO takes Arthur to a whole new level, transforming him into the female version, Igiko aka Alice Kirkland. Like Arthur, she has that short temper and can be cold at times, but she can also be shy at times and has a little bit of loneliness to her personality. She’ll get snappy at you, ranting about being too busy and just wanting be be left alone when really she’d like someone to talk to her. She is stubborn and proper and won’t put up with any problems, but she is a bit more forgiving than her male counterpart, allowing her to gain more allies.


Alice’s personality is a key part in costume as well as the costume itself. As you can see, Marina demonstrates Alice’s sassy as well as laid back side through the way she poses like she owns the moment as well as her mature poses with props such as a cup of tea. Not only does she demonstrate the motions, but she wears the costume with pride. Always be confident and own that costume like the character you are. Pay attention to details so the costume well replicates Alice’s in the original art.


If you’re interested in a sassy character with a mature appearance and that sexy cosplay flow, Alice Kirkland is definitely a great character to cosplay as. It’s always important to have a reliable and full-of detail costume as well as the personality of the character to go with it. And last but not least, just give it your all and in the end everything will be a party with tea and scones.


Photography by Anna Esepencova.


Written by Guest Contributor: JessicaVelocity