Team Ninja Working on 2015 Dissidia: Final Fantasy on PlayStation 4 Tech

During a closed conference in Japan, Square-Enix announced that they are co-developing the latest installment in their Final Fantasy fighter alongside developers Tecmo Koei, specifically the team responsible for the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden series, Team Ninja, website Nova Crystallis reports. Team Ninja will be responsible for a majority of the game’s core mechanics and development, with Square-Enix leading the top level development in regards to direction with Takeo Kujiraoka (FFXIII, Dissidia), producing with Ichiro Hazama (Dissidia, Theatrhythm, All the Bravest), Takeharu Ishimoto providing the composing duties (Dissidia, Crisis Core, Type-0), and series veteran Tetsuya Nomura handling character design.

Also important to note, Square-Enix has also announced that the arcade version for Dissidia is being engineered on a modified set of PlayStation 4 hardware, instead of traditional arcade hardware as with other games. This is important, as it means that although not official, it is highly likely that we may just see a PlayStation 4 release of the arcade fighter down the line. Square-Enix has also said that the arcade exclusivity is only going to last for a year, and that at the end of the day with all the character updates, the game will have over 50 playable characters to choose from, including Cloud Strife from FFVII, Lightning from FFXIII, Onion Knight from FFIII, and even Ramza Beoulve from FF Tactics. Dissidia: Final Fantasy begins its arcade run this April 17th in Japan, but we can expect to hear plenty more as it makes its eventual way to PlayStation 4. Check out the trailer released in February below.