Teen Titans’ Raven Gets Powerfully Beautiful Cosplay


Raven from Teen Titans is the darkly clad young lady with a witchy appearance.  She has become renowned for her fierce, mysterious, and unemotional personality along with her fearsome magical abilities.  While Raven is quite anti-social and reclusive, we cannot help but be drawn to her because of her uncanny powers and life of mystery.


We have seen many cosplays of Raven throughout the past few years.  Raven’s purple hair and dark blue flowing garb are intriguing and appealing, making her an immediate draw for cosplay.  One cosplayer by the name of Miss Rae Cosplay has created this absolutely perfect cosplay of Teen Titan’s Raven by sporting Raven’s signature purple hairstyle, flowy blue dress, and the added touch of an ominous background that is the cherry on top of these epic images.  Be sure to Like Miss Rae Cosplay on Facebook to see more of her cosplay work!





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