Tekken’s Lucky Chloe in Adorable Cosplay

Lucky Chloe is one of the newest additions to the Tekken roster.  While many welcomed this characters with open arms, you might remember all of the backlash she received when she was first announced as a playable character.  No matter your opinion on Lucky Chloe, you cannot deny how incredibly cute her costume is, and cosplayer Niea portrays her perfectly.


With Lucky Chloe’s signature cat ears and black and pink dress, Niea looks straight out of the video game itself.  Niea paid close attention to every detail of Lucky Chloe to create a cosplay that is so spot-on that we couldn’t imagine there being a more accurate and amazing Lucky Chloe cosplay.  Be sure to check out Niea’s DeviantART page to see even more of her epic cosplay work!