Teletubbies TV Intro Remade In Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V modder Merfish is at it again with another television intro recreation from our childhoods, but this time he has his eyes set on the children’s show Teletubbies. Merfish has already recreated some of our favorite childhood 90s classics like Friends, Pokémon, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

This latest recreation seems a little odd though. The intro displays Los Santos’ famous residents acting out the parts of the four adorable Teletubbies. Trevor as Tinky-Winky, Michael as Po, Lamar as Laa-Laa, and Franklin as Dispsy. Merfish stays true to the original opening, but there are some obvious differences. Some note-worthy examples of this would be Po beating Laa-Laa down with a weapon. The video even has a special cameo at the end by Lester as the baby face sun. The fan-made recreation is a disturbing, yet funny. You can check out the video below as well as a side by side comparison.





Written by Guest Contributor 7am