Telltale Games Announces Michonne Miniseries

In a slam-dunk for gaming critics everywhere, Telltale games revealed today at E3 2015 that they will be spearheading a Walking Dead spinoff whose lead is not only a woman – but a woman of color. Michonne will be starring in her own stand-alone spinoff content “The Walking Dead: Michonne” that will touch on her individual story between issues #126 and #139 in the hit comic series. Comic series staples are likely to make appearances in the cast. Michonne’s reasons for departing from the main group will take center stage, as well as her reasons for coming back.

In a genre repeatedly criticized for its blind eye to female heroes – especially women of color heroes – a Michonne centric miniseries focusing on her struggles, hopes, and motivations is a truly fantastic breath of fresh air and a fantastic kick off to our E3 experience!

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