2013 Cosplayer of the Year: Monika Lee!

It is no doubt that 2013 has been a huge year for cosplay. Cosplay is getting more and more recognition and with that, it is rapidly growing in popularity. SyFy even created a TV show called Heroes of Cosplay, featuring well-known cosplayers letting the world know about cosplay and all of the hard work and dedication they put into crafting their costumes. As always, many epic costumes were showcased at various conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con, and Blizzcon.  2013 has been a year filled with such talent in the cosplay community and it seems that everyone brought their best this year, making our choice for Cosplayer of the Year that much more difficult.

When sifting through our options for Cosplayer of the Year, we knew we had to pick one cosplayer who really nailed it this year and brought the most work to the table in the past 12 months. Even though there was so much talent to contend with this year, Monika Lee was the name that instantly came to mind when speaking about Cosplayer of the Year. Not only was she a part of Heroes of Cosplay, promoting the fun hobby of cosplay to the world, but she could be spotted at pretty much every major convention across the United States and showcased so many epic cosplays this year alone. All of the above reasons have easily earned her the spot of our 2013 Cosplayer of the Year.


The best part about Monika Lee is that she pays extremely close attention to detail, bringing the most spot-on costume that is completely accurate to the character. She fully embodies the role that she is portraying in such a professional and talented manner that you are amazed by every cosplay photo that she puts out. This year she showcased to fans one of the best Black Flag cosplays to hit the scene along with two amazing cosplays of Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth, and rounded off the year by showcasing an absolutely epic Demon Hunter from Diablo III at this year’s Blizzcon. Teaming up with masterful photographers, Monika is consistently pumping out content that is utterly stunning, and we surely expect great things from her in 2014 as she continuously blows our mind with her perfectly crafted costumes.

Here are all of the staggeringly epic cosplays that Monika has showcased this year and be sure to check out more of her work on her Facebook and Twitter pages!



monika-lee-chell(Photos by Benny Lee)


Steampunk Poison Ivy


monika-lee-steampunk-poison-ivy-1(Photos by Mineralblu Photography)




monika-lee-elizabeth-cosplay-1(Photos by FiveRings Photography)


‘Burial at Sea’ Elizabeth



(Photos by Cory D.)





monika-lee-blackbeard-2(Photos by Martin Wong; Edward Kenway Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri)


Demon Hunter

(Photo by Martin Wong)

monika-lee-demon-hunter-1(Photo by Mike Rollerson)


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