Conslayer’s Noob Guide To Guild Wars 2


Released back in August of 2012, Guild Wars 2 has come a long way. For a MMO with no monthly fee you’re getting quite the bargain. Sure you have to dish out the cash to buy the game; but let’s be honest, you were doing that anyways. The humans over at ArenaNet didn’t waste any time creating a playable story. Offering new releases every month makes it easy to feel like being a player matters. GW2 offers fantastic graphics that keep you in awe of the world around you. Experience during game play is at a no-lag and quick-load time agenda. To put it simply, your time won’t be wasted waiting for a server to finish being stubborn.

So if everything is so great then what’s stopping you from diving right in? Starting any MMO can be frustrating. You’re joining thousands of other players who already know what they’re doing and then there’s you… the noob. So let me help you a bit and save you the trouble of making the same mistakes I did. Have no fear, you’ll be kicking ass and conquering the masses in no time.


Be A Little Racist:


It always starts the same when choosing a Race in any game. You eye over every character and instantly choose who looks the best. Sure you’ll read every bio, but your mind is already made up. That’s 100% okay here. Your Race won’t help you level up any faster, nor will it make a difference in your ability to progress. The main idea of choosing a Race is to have a story line and a home land for your character. So playing favorites is definitely the way to go.


Professionalism Is Key:


There are plenty of Professions to choose from and they all sound intriguing. Start off with the one that sounds the most interesting to you, not the one that will get you leveled up faster. Remember, this will determine your fighting style for the remainder of the game. It’s okay to experiment, but you’ll have plenty of time for that later.


We All Have A Story:


After choosing a Race and Profession you’ll be able to mold your story. You’ll be asked a series of questions in which you’ll have three answers to choose from. Pay attention to detail and read every one. You don’t want a boring life do you? Well, neither does your character.


Tyria Salutes You:


You’ll be thrown into a massive world called Tyria. Within this world are multiple continents. Within the continents are multiple regions. Within the regions are multiple zones. Within the zones are levels in which your character is recommended to be at. (Tyriaception?) Of course, you are free to go to any place your heart desires at any moment. However, much like our own world, Tyria is unforgiving, so it would be wise to not stray far from your leveled zones. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Girls Only Date Guys With Mad Skills:


Skill Points are gained by leveling up (starting at lvl 5) and by completing skill challenges. Every Skill is unique and offers a way to enhance your combat. Honestly, I just go with whichever seems the coolest. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to test them all out. Trust me, you’ll have more Skill Points than you’ll know what to do with.


Those Traits Tho:


Once you hit level 11 you’ll notice that each new level gained is a Trait Point gained. Traits enhance your characters skills by three tiers; Adept, Master, and Grandmaster. In order to use said Trait Points you’ll need a book for every tier. Yes, I know, reading? Already? Don’t worry you don’t have to read anything. In fact, I’m really not sure why you need to buy a book in order to use Trait points. But the faster you accept it, the faster you’ll be back on your way to greatness. The game will tell you where to get said book. Although, if you get confused just look on your map. See that giant book symbol? That’s where you buy the book.

Anyways, The way to decide on what Trait point goes where is to know your weaknesses. By level 11 you should have a pretty good idea of what those weaknesses are. An example; if your Necromancer is lacking toughness, your first 5 Trait points should go there.


This Isn’t Dora’s Backpack:


Your inventory isn’t unlimited so don’t treat it like it is. Sure you can craft and buy additional bag slots. But you’re going to need that space for things more important than that crappy old hammer you’ve been carrying around and you know it!


Craft, Craft, Craft:


Crafting can seem tricky and overwhelming. It’s not. To put it simply, become a hoarder. Gather everything, kill everything, and deposit everything. (Your deposit is different than your inventory.) If you don’t you’ll be spending more coin than you need to when it’s crafting time. There are eight crafting disciplines to choose from. You’re able to choose two active crafting disciplines at a time. Of course you’ll want to choose the ones that best fit your Profession. Once you’ve gotten a discipline, materials, and you are at the correct crafting table, you’re all set to start making the same items over and over again.


Black Market For Lions:


The Black Lion Trading Company will become your new best friend if you like to see those coins add up. Or if you’re in the market for some fancy new stuff. With all the selling and buying that goes on it’s easy to get greedy. Remember one thing, there will always be something better. Don’t be upset if you spend a lot of coin on an okay weapon only to find a better one about five minutes later after slaying a bandit. It’s going to happen and it’s going to happen often.



My last advice would be to enjoy the game. Make some friends. Explore. Sit down and gaze at the scenery. Sleep on a dangerous hill. Take off all that heavy armor and go for a swim. Laugh at the dead. Dance. Dance a lot. Your journey to being the next hero is just beginning.




Written by Guest Contributor: DamnJacquie