All That’s Cosplay’s Staff Favorite Cosplays of 2013

As the year 2013 is nearing its final hours, it is time for many of us to reminisce on the most memorable moments of the year, but for us here at All That’s Cosplay it is time for us to remember and honor all of the amazing cosplays that were created in the past 12 months.  Cosplayers across the world really brought their all this year and it seemed that incredible cosplays were being put out into the internet on a daily basis.  We felt that one cosplayer, Monika Lee, brought the best overall content as we dubbed her our 2013 Cosplayer of the Year, but there were many stellar cosplays that we feel deserve recognition as well.  To wrap up the year, here are some of the phenomenal cosplays that we at All That’s Cosplay found to be our absolute favorites of this year.  Be sure to let us know which cosplays  you were drawn to this year as well!


KING: Princess Jasmine by Traci Hines


There have been so many incredibly epic cosplays this year by extremely talented cosplayers, but there is one cosplay that especially stuck out for me this year, which is Traci Hines‘ Princess Jasmine cosplay.  Traci is generally known for being one of the best Ariel cosplayers in the world, but this year she decided to take on the challenge of becoming a completely different Disney Princess, and she nailed it!  Her cosplay of Princess Jasmine is completed with an amazing moonlit backdrop and even a magic carpet ride that makes this cosplay of Princess Jasmine so accurate to the classic Disney film that would make you wonder if even a real-life version of Jasmine herself could look this stunning.  This cosplay truly takes you to a whole new world, and for that, it is my favorite cosplay of 2013.

jasmine-cosplay-2(Photography by Raiya Corsiglia; Aladdin cosplayer: Leo Camacho)


ManaCookies: Harley Quinn by Ryoko-Demon


I have always been a huge fan of Ryoko-Demon‘s work as she has been consistently pumping out tons of awe-inspiring cosplays.  The costumes she creates are so unique and she has a knack for putting her own spin on familiar characters, which she did with her Harley Quinn cosplay that she created this year.  As Harley Quinn has inarguably become one of the most popular characters to cosplay as, it is nice to see a cosplayer add her own touch to the character as Ryoko did by creating a large, jester-styled hat with a dynomite-filled cupcake prop that proves she is both sweet and deadly.  This cosplay is absolutely adorable and has so many intricate details that it has not only made it my favorite cosplay of 2013, but my favorite Harley Quinn cosplay ever!

harley-quinn-cosplay-31(Photos by Kifir)


Domoshimi: Zatanna by Ani-Mia


While there were tons of epic cosplays that I thoroughly adored, when I saw Ani-Mia at San Diego Comic Con as Zatanna—I literally had to do a double take! Not only is Ani-Mia super sweet and caring towards her fans, she totally rocked her Zatanna costume like no one I have ever seen in my 6 years of admiring cosplay. Several months later, Ani-Mia posted her epic photo shoot with photographer, Ron Gejon. Let’s just say that as a huge fan of the pinups, cosplay, and Zatanna—I was immediately swept away by how smoothly every little detail of the shoot came together to compile a series of unforgettable photos that I would claim as my top choice for my favorite 2013 cosplay!

zatanna-cosplay-2(Photos by Ron Gejon Photography)


Vakarians: Protoss Wizard by Kamui Cosplay


I started following Kamui around the time when she began working on a cosplay masterpiece that would take her two years in the making and multiple heat guns, Worbla sheets, armour reconstruction, bottles and castings of polyester resin and meters of LED wiring. That my friends is Kamui’s Protoss Wizard – a crossover of a Diablo 3 Wizard and the sapient humanoid race of Aiur, the Protoss from Starcraft 2.  2013 was the year that Kamui debuted her Protoss Wizard to the world along with her cosplay partner, Selina, in her Protoss Barbarian cosplay. Seeing all the photos of the hard work over the two years shows to us, endless dedication in the quest for perfection and creating a masterpiece. A little while ago, I was featured in a brief article on CosplayGen where they showed my cosplay along with the likes of other cosplayers and on that page, was my idol, Kamui. In the headline, they summed it up perfectly with the line “when one aims for perfection, one discovers it’s a moving target”. Kamui achieves perfection and creates a masterpiece with every single one of her cosplays.



Heartlockett: Koi Nami by Pizoobie


This one is for all you League of Legend’s summoners out there! Prepare to be amazed by this phenomenal Koi Nami cosplay by Pizoobie. I had the pleasure of seeing this Cosplay in person at PAX Prime 2013 this year and was blown away by the amazing detail and ingenious approach. First off, we have to acknowledge the clever approach to the tail! I love the illusionary quality and natural looking form, this is not an easy task to accomplish and Pizoobie pulls it off spotlessly (who knew mattress foam could look so awesome!?). The other details are equally as impressive, the helm and staff are constructed out of flawlessly carved expanding foam and are definitely sea worthy.

koi-nami-cosplay-1 (Photo 1 by Martin Wong; Photo 2 by Kim Nguyen)


MissJinxei: Battle Angel Alita by Jessie Pridemore


Battle Angel Alita takes place in the 26th century, throwing us into a post-apocalyptic world where cybernetics and cyborgs are common place. The protagonist, Alita, is a cyborg found in suspended animation in the dump. After being restored, she remembers little about her past other than Panzer Kunst, an extreme and most powerful form of fighting techniques that propel her into bounty hunting where she works to uncover her past. Jessie Pridemore worked to create Alita so well you could swear she crawled right off the pages. Her craftsmanship is always awe inspiring and this costume is no different. From her perfectly styled wig to bodysuit with handcrafted plates of armor that seem to be forged by a divine being as they look so perfect, there is nothing not to love about this costume. And every shot is dramatic and gorgeous.

battle-angel-alita-cosplay-1(Photo 1 by dr_teng; Photo 2 by Bigwhitebazooka)


Rennie Starks: Tinkerbell by Tink-Ichigo


Tink-Ichigo‘s cosplay of Tinkerbell was my personal favorite. Accuracy is key in certain recognizable characters and she hit the nail on the head. Her pretty face, beautifully styled wig and dress, and the most amazing wings I have seen in a while, takes the cake. She obviously put some hard work into this impeccable cosplay. Plus it helps that Tinkerbell is my favorite character….ever.

tinkerbell-cosplay-4(Photos by Taranie)


Caeron: Lilith by Lyz Brickley


Lyz Brickley’s Lilith from Diablo III is a outstanding work of art and engineering. She was an easy choice for my favourite cosplay of 2013. The level of detail she puts into her work is gorgeous and her craftsmanship on the massive head piece for this costume is stunning to say the least. She really knows her characters that she portrays and does an amazing job at bringing out their personality in her photos. Lyz Brickley is also ridiculously sweet, helpful, and friendly, and truly embodies the heart of cosplay.

lilith-cosplay-2(Photo 1 by Darshelle Stevens; Photo 2 by Brent Allen Thale)