All That’s Retro Cosplay Edition: A ‘Daria’ Cosplay Trio!

All That’s Retro is back with more retro cosplay goodness! This week will feature a cosplay trio of characters from a 90’s MTV show that we are all sure to remember: ‘Daria’. ‘Daria’ started off as a spin-off from Beavis and Butt-head, after they had a character, named Daria, and decided to give her a show of her own. This was a great decision on behalf of MTV, seeing as many of us became avid fans of the apathetic Daria and her friends who were surely just as weird.


‘Daria’ features many lovable characters with different quirks. The main character, Daria Morgendorffer, is easily one of the smartest girls in her high school, yet she is brought down by sheer laziness and a general apathetic and cynical outlook on life. Always talking in a monotone voice, Daria was definitely the exact opposite of her peppy and bubbly sister, Quinn. Yet, her best friend, Jane Lane, shared a similar weirdness to Daria, making them the perfect friends. Gothic and similarly cynical, Jane is also an outcast at their high school, but unlike Daria is able to transform and climb the social ladder if she so chose to. She has a more outward personality that people tend to like if she lets them get to know her, and her being “outcasted” is more on her own accord. Jane’s brother, Trent, is also a part of their little friends circle. Although a full-grown adult, he still lives at his parents’ house, spending all of his time playing guitar for a rock band. All of these traits make Daria, Jane, and Trent the best of friends, and we have grown to love them for all of their kooky faults.


Cosplay duo FaultyFrame created these cosplays of Jane Lane and Trent Lane, while cosplayer DuertenSchreiber created her rendition of Daria. These costumes are so spot-on to the characters that we are immediately thrown into nostalgia mode, reminiscing on our days relaxing on the couch and watching the zainy adventures of these three characters in ‘Daria’. With Daria’s signature glasses, Jane’s chopped, short black hair and gothic appeal, and Trent’s music-themed tattoos, this cosplay photoshoot was definitely a success and a great way to pay homage to this beloved series.

Photography by Annet Voronaya

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