Retro Cosplay: Sonic’s Beautiful Bat Rouge Cosplay

It is time to feel nostalgic again, this time with an epic cosplay from one of the most beloved video game franchises of all time: ‘Sonic’. With numerous adrenaline-pumping games that were never short of high speed fun, the Sonic series is something that many of us gamers grew up with and holds a special place in our hearts. Many of us also have favorite characters: the spunky Tails, the lovestruck Amy, the cocky Knuckles, or the blue-haired master of speed himself, Sonic- there is always one character that we preferred to play with or enjoyed seeing the most. For some of us, that character was the golddigging yet lovely bat, Rouge.


Rouge’s character first appeared in the Sonic universe upon the release of Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast. On a hunt to proclaim all of the treasure and jewels of the world as her own, Rogue will stop at nothing to make her obsession a reality, dubbing herself one of the best jewel thieves of all time. Although Rouge may be a tad bit selfish, we have still found her lovable over the years, as she adds a bit of feminine flair to the Sonic universe.


With her adorable, heart imbued costume and black bat wings, it is no surprise that Rogue has become quite a popular choice for cosplay. This cosplayer, going under the name of mostflogged, has one of the most accurate Rogue cosplays on the scene. Her leathery, form-fitted costume is spot on to the bat burglar’s and the added touch of the fangs is the cherry on top of this cosplay. Be sure to check out more of mostflogged’s epic cosplays at her DeviantArt page.




Photography by LJinto