All That’s Retro Cosplay Edition: Stanley and Tina from “The Mask”!

Hey fans of the 80s and 90s! We’re back for another retro cosplay for you! This movie featured a man who was as average, normal, and forgettable as can be. Enduring consistent degradation, his only friends are his adorable little dog, Milo, and one of his co-workers, Charlie. One day that all changed though, as Stanley found a mysterious-looking mask in a dumpster. With curiosity and nothing to lose, Stanley tried on the mask and was transformed into an entirely different person. From a simpleton to a green-faced hero, Stanley was now everything but average, normal, and forgettable. The movie we speak of is none other than the 1994 sensation, “The Mask”!

Now taking on the role of The Mask, Stanley is able to transform his own physical appearance along with the world around him. With his new superhero-like powers, those who crossed Stanley and berated him in the past were surely in for a rude awakening, as he exacted revenge for the years upon years of torment. Stanley then realizes he can use his new powers and become the zaniest, most tricksterish superhero around and use his powers for true good. After meeting a singer and dancer at a nightclub, Tina, Stanley’s life takes another turn for the better, as he successfully woos her while donning his superhero identity.


Yet wielding such an incredible source of power as the mask will also bring you lots of trouble, which Stanley and Tina surely found themselves in, as a group of mobsters hunted down Stanley, imprisoned him, and stole his mask for safekeeping. When Tina is captured and her life is at stake, Stanley must do everything in his power to make sure that she remains safe, with or with his mask.

Cosplayers Dziro and Mariella perfectly portrayed Stanley and Tina’s “The Mask” characters. Green-faced, dancing, and singing, their photos show just how much fun this pair can have when they’re not being chased down. These might very well be the most accurate cosplay photos we will ever see of these 90s characters that we surely have not forgotten over the years!



Photography by Renar Lis.


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