The Adorable Misa Amane is a Winner in This Cosplay

For fans of the anime Death Note, they might be more than familiar with a certain Misa Amane. She’s an up and coming model — with the looks to back up such an ambition. She was also quite the follower of Kira — who later become the second Kira. The woman had received a Death Note from Kira, and sought him out in order to thank him for avenging her family by murdering the man who killed them. Maybe a little bit twisted, but hey the heart follows what and who it wants. After finding out that Kira is Light Yagami she decide to dedicate to her time and life to him — essentially anyway, and in turn becomes determined to figure out L’s true name.


There’s nothing like feeling as pretty as a model and cosplay is allowing those who participate to do just that. It’s a special added bonus when the character you’re cosplaying is a model themselves, adding that extra bit of oomph to the overall appeal. That’s one of the many reasons why might choose to “become” Misa Amane and though there have been many to do it before Ninania is one of the best. Her take on Misa Amane is absolutely stunning and worth all the oohs and awes one might involuntarily emit when gazing upon her pictures.