The Always Cute and Sexy Harley Quinn Stuns in This Cosplay!


Harley Quinn is one of DC’s most beloved villains and deservedly so. She has been around for over 20 years, first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series. She was adapted into the comic books a year later. Since her debut in 1992 with her conservative jester outfit, Harley has been redesigned by both official DC Comics artists and fans several times over the years. Over 20 years, the simply silly Harley Quinn has transformed into a sexy villainess in the New 52, Injustice video games, and many more. Two things that have stayed true despite her many looks: the red and black color scheme and her love for the Joker.


Epic cosplayer Naomi Von Kreeps uses her comic book knowledge to bring us her own take on Harley Quinn. Naomi has done some epic cosplays in the past such as Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Black Cat. She definitely did not let fans down with her very sexy Harley Quinn clad in stretch PVC and fishnets. Be sure to check out her page for more epic cosplays!


Photography by Rebel Photography




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