The Always Fiesty Nonon Jakuzure Comes to Life in This Cosplay

Sweet on the surface, feisty on the inside — that might be a good way to describe Nonon Jakuzure from popular anime show Kill La Kill. While she comes off as cute and innocent, those who really know her know that isn’t exactly the case. In fact, Nonon is more known for her often sassy demeanor and has a wit that most others can’t compete against. She’ll tear you apart with her words, and bat her eyelashes a moment later, constantly keeping you guessing on whether or not she’s going to be sweet or sour at any given moment. Even in the midst of battle, Nonon Jakuzure taunts her opponents, mocking them in the thick of battle.


While she might not always be the nicest, that’s what fans of Kill La Kill seem to love about her. What’s wrong with being a little sassy anyway? For cosplayer May Sakaali, she took on the challenge of embodying Nonon Jakuzure and has done an amazing job with her. While her poses scream sweet, there’s something about the mischievous look in her eyes that say otherwise — perfectly capturing everything that Nonon is. This is truly a job fantastically done, and every detail that was put into the cosplay obviously received special attention.

nonon-cosplay-4 nonon-cosplay-3

Photography by FanoRED