The Bastard Executioner Makes Its Appearance at Comic Con

The Bastard Executioner is an up and coming television series by FX. The series features a warrior knight who was a part of King Edward the Third’s charge. However, what he’s seen with his time in the charge — death, blood, and gore, drive him to vow to put down his sword. Unfortunately, things aren’t so simple as violence finds him again and he’s forced to pick up the bloodiest weapon of all.

While at San Diego Comic Con, FX featured The Bastard Executioner in a way that was fun, and interactive for those who decided to face the challenges ahead of them. I was able to get hands on experience with the obstacle course that was set up, and the concept — though simple, was quite fun. Those who wait in line are able to join the course in pairs — either you’re the red team or the gold, as it was a race to the finish. Once inside, participants are faced with three challenges: strength, accuracy, and knowledge. Strength was your standard strong man’s test, where you had to take a hammer, hit it on the high striker until you hear that ding that marks the victory of challenge one. Then it’s straight to accuracy and you get to shoot a crossbow, hoping to get your arrow right in the middle of the target. Once finished, you quickly move to the knowledge portion of the course which is putting together an eight or so piece puzzle that reveals The Bastard Executioner’s logo.

SDCC - Bastard - Executioner - 2

At the end of it all, the victor — who was me when I ran through, gets their hands on a The Bastard Executioner hoodie. Plus, you get to gloat and feel good about either beating a complete stranger or a friend. For those who didn’t win the sweatshirt, they were able to get a trading card that was branded to fit The Bastard Executioner.

The Bastard Executioner comes out in October of this year on FX and during last night’s The Strain episode, viewers were able to get a better look at what’s to come!