The Beautifully Sophisticated Blake Belladonna Stuns in Epic Cosplay

Blake Belladonna is one of the main characters in RWBY. A Faunus, one who has cat ears, she is a skilled member of the RWBY team. Serious and righteous, she treats everyone equally not matter who they are or what their appearance may be. She can lose her temper, though, if someone insults her beliefs. Wielding her Gambol Shroud and possessing the skill to create shadow clones of herself she is a deadly opponent.


Kazeplay becomes the kitty eared girl magnificently. With long black hair and Blake’s signature black bow that she uses to hide her Faunnus heritage, she stuns in the black and white attire. Wearing a white top and black vest with coat tails, she is a stunner. Matching white shorts adorned with zippers complete the basic outfit. With black ribbons on her arms and a silver band on her left, the look is quite unique and flawlessly executed. Covering her legs are black stockings that gradually change to purple at the ankles and black heels. Kazeplay is ready to run is anyone discovers her true identity or fight for her beliefs.



Photography by Novii Photography



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