The Behemoth Reveals Development of an Xbox One Exclusive Title


The developers of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid seem to have some plans in store for the Xbox One. This comes straight from the developers themselves over at The Behemoth when they spoke with Destructoid at PAX East. According to them, they’re working on an Xbox One exclusive title. As for other details, none were given, even a release or an official announcement.

At least, not until later on. The developers then released a piece of promotional artwork for the game. The artwork is…odd, to say but, it depicts some hybrid fusion of a female girl, a beast, and a cupcake with a catapult attached. Make of it what you will. Some text is displayed under the artwork that says ‘GAME 4?’ Feel free to speculate about what it could mean, and if the artwork has anything to do with this exclusive title. It’s certainly cryptic. Chances are we can also expect this title to eventually come to other platforms, if history repeats itself that is.