The Best Sherry Birkin Cosplay You’ll Ever See!

When we hear resident evil we instantly think zombies, and the people who fight to keep them back. In Resident Evil 6 we follow the characters’ story as they desperately find the mutated president’s daughter, and then their struggle through the infected Raccoon City. Along the way they find a survivor, Sherry Birkin, who is infected and needs rare antibodies to cure her C virus. Later on she is found to have regenerative abilities, but unfortunately she is captured by Neo-umbrella and is put through numorous tests by the bio-terrorist group.

sherry-birkin-cosplay-2Sherry Birkin’s childhood consisted of a lot of testing and experiments done on her, and so she has built a strong wall and sacrificed herself for others. Maocosplay’s Sherry looks brave and ready to fight. What I love most about her version is the small details on the shirt, like the badge, and the finish on the pockets and sleeves with blue ribbon. She’s even remembered the sweet little necklace. Overall the cosplay is impeccable and very accurate to the original.



Photography by SaiTang



Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen