The Chobit Freya Comes to Life in Amazing Cosplay


A Chobit is a humanoid being that runs off electricity and can do just about anything from make phone calls to go on the internet. Freya was the first Chobit created by Ichirō Mihara for his wife since she could not have children. At first she was very curious about the world around her, exhibiting a child-like innocence and optimism, but as time passed she became depressed. Sensing she was lonely, Mihara created Elda, a twin sister to keep Freya company. Freya became very protective of Elda, often helping her when it came to human interactions.


Wearing Freya’s signature dark clothing, cosplayer Nastarelie turns into the chobit. Looking stunning in a black leotard embellished with gold ribbon and bows, she exhibits the sad emotions Freya often felt, which are captured wonderfully by photographer Pugoffka. The outfit is completed with matching thigh high boots. Everything is adorned with black fringe which flows off the leotard in a short train. With Freya’s extremely long blonde hair and the bell shaped ears used to discern a chobit, Nastarelie brings the electronic being to life.



Photography by Pugoffka





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