The Fierce Ryuko Matoi is Stunning in This Cosplay

The headstrong, and revenge bent Ryuko Matoi is the main protagonist of the famous anime series, Kill La Kill. She’s a girl of seventeen with your average build, black hair falling a bit above her shoulders. While she might appear average at first glance, there’s no denying that Ryuko has a ferocity to her — more often than not stubborn. Some might describe her personality as simple, as she seems to hold very few moods. She’s determined and fears little, an arguably good combination for one who wants to find the killer of her father. Though, beyond what’s on the surface Ryuko Matoi is like any other seventeen year old girl — she’s self-conscience and tries her best to hide it with her no holds barred attitude.


Her everyday appearance is a mini skirt, white shirt, and sneakers but that doesn’t reflect what she wears when fighting. Oh, no, no — this is not your ordinary t-shirt and jeans. Ryuko Matoi chooses to don something a little more sexy, perhaps a tactic to distract those she goes up against. Whatever the reason, this outfit has become quite iconic and cosplayers have taken to putting on the little touch of sexy. Through the numerous cosplays of Ryuko Matoi — and trust me, there’s a lot of them, only a few are truly considered shining stars. Meepy-gal has taken Ryuko and turned her into something of real life — no longer is she just animated. By nailing the details of Ryuko, such as her scissor blade, hair, and outfit, something about this cosplay comes to life, making it one of the better out there.


Photography by Lemon-ikon Photography and Harrison’s Anime Photography