The First Korean Vocaloid Comes to Life with Pinkie Bunny Cosplay


Vocaloid if a voice synthesizing program that started to be sold in 2004. It allows users to input melodies and lyrics, then uses recordings from voice actors or singers to create the songs. The users’ skills are the only thing holding someone back from creating music themselves. With three versions of the software in circulation, its popularity has led to a variety of other products, including figurines. One of the characters introduced in Vocaloid 3 is SeeU, the first Korean Vocaloid. Her voice is provided by a member of the k-pop group GLAM, and was aimed to the general Vocaloid fandom.


Pinkie Bunny Cosplay gets a standing ovation for her SeeU cosplay. Looking adorable in the schoolgirl style outfit, Pinkie Bunny Cosplay presents us with a well constructed costume. She has the four buttons on the shirt, with the bottom right one displaying the power symbol. The ears are wicked cute as they sit upon her flowing hair. With yellow shoes accented with silver clasps, she is ready to bust out some great dance moves as she belts out her latest hit. The photos bring out the fun nature which was the original concept the illustrators wanted when designing SeeU.

Photography by Cesar Gonzalez



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