The Flaming Charizard in Playful Gijinka Cosplay


Charizard is the final evolution of the original starter pokémon Charmander. First popping out of a pokéball in Pokémon Red and Blue in the United States, it is easily one of the most popular and recognized pokémon. With scorching breathe able to melt boulders and the ability to fly; this big dragon is a strong addition to any team. Amidst the recent popularity of humanizing animal characters, known as gijinka, cosplays of the fiery pocket monster have skyrocketed.


One such cosplay has been created by CrazyMonkey87. Drawing her own gijinka artwork for her cosplay, she humanizes charizard flawlessly. Donning an orange and yellow leotard type outfit and matching gloves, she takes on the persona of the fire breathing dragon amazingly. Wearing blue boots edged with yellow she is ready to bulldoze over any enemy. Her orange and blue wings are a perfect match to charizard’s as she prepares for lift off. CrazyMonkey87’s charming poses bring out the fun side that many people forget a charizard may possess. Thank you for reminding us CrazyMonkey87!



Photography by Mikkolexart


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