The Freddy Cosplay of Your Dreams

Freddy Krueger was a murderer who mostly sought after children. After some time, he was caught, but the evidence against him was dropped due to the police investigating his home without a permit. Once a free man, the parents and adults of the community trapped Freddy in the same boiler room where he used to kill his victims and was burned alive himself. What irony! However, despite his physical body departing, his soul remained, and he uses what power he has left to enter people’s dreams and kills them via their worst nightmares.

Sophie Valentine Cosplay is a version of Freddy that I wouldn’t mind seeing in any of my dizziest nightmares. She’s seen here portraying Kotobukiya’s sexified version of Freddy. She still wears the iconic fedora and glove, however the red and green sweater has seen better days, for it’s little more than scraps. Arguably, in those short shorts, sweater, and stockings, I’m sure many of Sophie’s victims died much happier than those of Robert Englund.

Photography by Estampedia Photografia