The Girl Wonder: A Fabulous Robin Cosplay


What’s more epic than the Boy Wonder? The Girl Wonder! Haruhiism Cosplay takes the well known character of Robin from DC Comics to a whole new level with this amazing genderbend variation. Robin is the spunky sidekick to Batman, part of a crime fighting duo that chases and apprehends the bad guy; however average or theatrical they may be.


Genderbend cosplay is a fun and exciting way to cosplay as your favourite costumed heroes, villains or characters. It opens up a wide variety of doors and allows for immense creativity from the cosplay community to spring forward. No one is ever restricted to cosplaying from their gender and you are free to portray whoever tickles your creative nature.


Haruhiism Cosplay takes Robin to an epic place and adds in a girly level of playfulness. Her skills in both construction and the knowledge of her character is perfection and gives us such an amazing cosplay of Robin to admire.



Photography by Olze Photography



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 Written by Guest Contributor: Caeron