The God of Tricks is a Ravenous Goddess in This Amazing Cosplay

Loki, the Norse God of Tricks, is a popular household name these days — whether one fell in love with him due to his origins or Marvel interpretation. There’s no denying that there’s something fascinating about Loki and where he comes from — originally being the son of  Fárbauti and Laufey. Of course, all know he was adopted by Odin, making him the brother of the mighty Thor. Throughout the year he’s been portrayed in many ways, and that’s apart from his ability to shape shift — Loki being able to take the form of a salmon, mare, seal, and a fly.


However, some might not have guessed that Loki could take more forms that the aforementioned above. Cosplayers have made it possible for Loki to be something those might not have imagined — a woman. Oh, yeah, the god has been turned into a goddess and boy, is he — she, a beautiful one. There have been more than a couple of handfuls of Lady Lokis but some deserve a higher praise than others. Neigeamer is absolutely gorgeous as a Lady Loki and has taken the god’s essence and turned it into something out of this world. Her work is impeccable and deserves a round of applause, so check out her Deviantart here!



Photography by Tommaso Ciriolo and sora4e