“The Last of Us” Movie Getting Big Changes From Game

Neil Druckmann, director of The Last of Us Game and screenwriter for The Last of Us Movie interviewed with Game Informer about the status of the upcoming film adaptation.

“I just finished a second draft, and we did a table read with a bunch of actors,” he said, when asked about the script. “Pretty faithful to the game. There are some big changes, but the tone and what the story’s trying to say is pretty faithful to the game.”

Druckmann didn’t have much to say about what sort of changes those would be, as expected. But a few changes in major plot details or characters would make things a bit more exciting since we already know the story from the game.

And just who did the table reading? Could it have been Maisie Williams, the undisputed fan-favorite to play Ellie? No official word yet on her status relating to the project either. Keeping our eyes and ears peeled.