The Many Faces of Cosplay: Becoming Super Sonico!

The popularity of Super Sonico has absolutely skyrocketed over the past few months, and with obvious reason. The introduction of her very own anime series as well as a plethora of figurines have made her ideal eye candy for those in love with Japanese culture and anime. Sonico gained her popularity in an interesting way, however. She did not gain such a large fanbase from having been an anime character, but she became renowned after having been a spokesmodel for Japanese computer software company, Nitroplus.

Super Sonico cosplays are nothing short of unique and, similarly, diverse. Because of the many adaptations of Sonico: from anime, to figurine, to billboard ads, etc. there are a multitude of costumes that cosplayers can choose to create. While there are many scantily-clad Super Sonicos appealing to the sexy side of the spokesmodel, there are also ones that are more modest, focusing more on Sonico’s adorable, slightly innocent-looking features.

Which ever the version may be, we cannot get enough of Super Sonico and the epic cosplays that she inspires. Check out the many different renditions of Super Sonico cosplays below!


super-sonico-cosplay-1Cosplayer: Nana Kuronoma; Photographer: Stefan Hausler

super-sonico-cosplay-2Cosplayer: KanaCosplay; Photographer: Kay Schulrick

Cosplayer: FeldonCosplay; Photographer: riamux

Cosplayer: PookieBearCosplay; Photographer: Panic-Switch

Cosplayer: GeniMonster; Photographer: nuramoon

Cosplayer: Zombie Bit Me; Photographer: Trillance

Cosplayer: Ani-Mia; Photographer: AshB