The Many Faces of Lara: Tomb Raider Cosplays!

Photography by Charbuul

Lara Croft has had a crazy ride since she came onto the gaming scene all those years ago. Considered a pioneering sex symbol in the video game world, she also gave us something new in a female antagonist: she was tough and smart on top of being beautiful. She is a highly educated woman who speaks several languages and shuns her high-class upbringing for a world of adventure and excitement. She was here before Nathan Drake was a thought, kicking butt and taking names. People were cosplaying Lara Croft before cosplay was anywhere near what it is today. She is one of the original gals of cosplay and has paved the way for many cosplayers.

Photography by Superhero Photography

Lara Croft has had many different looks over the years, and the awesome thing about JennCroft is that she has a certain knack for nailing her Lara cosplays to a tee. She has mastered Lara in her original form, khaki shorts and light turquoise tank and boots, to her newest stage, where she is a worse for the wear chick, dirt covered and bow in hand. She does all the Laras’ justice!

Photography by Ashley Ellwood




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Written by Guest Contributor: Novblue