The Ninja-like Scyther Slashes to Victory in Awesome Cosplay


Scyther is a bug flying pokémon in the world of Pokémon. A member of the original 150 pokémon to be introduced to the public, its amazing speed and rare encounter rate made it a desirable pokémon to capture. With abilities like X-Scissor and Air Slash, Scyther is a versatile pokémon that can be added to any team.


TerminaCosplay brings to life the mantis pokémon with her gijinka cosplay. With green armor exquisitely crafted to replicate Scyther’s, she uses white material to signify the end of one body segment and beginning of another. Wielding swords designed in the shape of Scyther’s scythe inspired arms, she is ready to slash through any opponent. The most stunning aspect of this cosplay are the wings. Their shimmering translucence is exactly like that of a bug and the forms are spot on for Scythers. Boasting the ability to fold them closer to her body, the fabrication is simply amazing. Her photography highlights that the pokémon likes to hide in bushes to ambush its prey, the photos feature tall grass and shaded areas.





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