The Princess Lives: An Anastasia Cosplay!

As the urban legend goes, perhaps Anastasia didn’t perish with her family in their Russian home that dark day in 1918. With that story in mind, Don Bluth released the film Anastasia in 1997, telling tales of the young woman on a search to discover who she really is. From escaping certain death, to growing up in an orphanage, the forgotten princess soon finds herself with new traveling companions, Demitri and Vladimir, as well as a scruffy stray pup, Pooka. Though, the lurking dangers of an ominous Rasputin loom, ever so close!

anastasia-cosplay-2Cosplayer, Seiren Hime, outdid herself, to say the very least. Not only is her ballroom gown a completely solid rendition, pressed and detailed, with a fresh and gorgeous color palette, her photo shoot took place in the ballroom of Catherine Palace, located in Tsarskoye Selo. This was the actual residence of the Romanov family before the Russian Revolution. This is an applaud worthy setting for such an exquisite costume. There simply isn’t a more appropriate location for an Anastasia cosplayer! This is the complete package, and we’re totally loving it!



Photography by EnvyTheOne.

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Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz