The Provocative BloodRayne Gets the Blood Pumping in Sensational Cosplay


Agent BloodRayne of the Brimstone Society is not a normal agent. Born a dhampir, someone who has a vampire parent and a human parent, she has all the powers of a vampire without all of the inherent weaknesses. After her father destroyed her family she vowed to find him and avenge their deaths. Along the way she was arrested for her supposed murder spree. Not believing her story that she was killing vampires, Rayne disappeared into the night. That was how she came upon the Brimstone Society, a band of hunters vowing to vanquish all supernatural threats against humanity. She has been enlisted to help this cause. Focusing on the events surrounding the Nazis, Rayne travels throughout the world hacking and slashing her way to mission completion.


Photographer Meariku captures cosplayer Anastasia Tigi as BloodRayne in her first rate photos. The costume is spot on, with a fine attention to detail bring BloodRayne to life in vivid fashion. The red Xs across the the side chest area and the black ribbons flowing from rings in her hair, really show how much time was spent in perfecting this cosplay. The gloves are divine and the weapons deadly as they glint in the sunlight. She even has the necklace. The photos highlight the beauty of BloodRayne while also showcasing her bloodthirsty nature.






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