“The Purge 3” To Release in Summer 2016

Horror fans, it’s time to get excited and run like hell for that one night a year where murder is okay and the entire city shuts down. Don’t think about calling 911, either. The Purge horror/thriller franchise has been so popular that there is now a third movie in the making. Since returning director James DeMonaco and producer Jason Blum have decided to take their time with the story, they will be pushing for a July 1, 2016 release.

The Purge had a budget of $3 million and earned more than $90 million in return. The second film, The Purge 2, may have been just what audiences wanted, because it jumped over the $100 million mark at the box office with just a $9 million budget.

The Purge 3 is rumored to be a prequel for the first film, which will broaden the story of how things led to a horrific night of running in terror. Blum and DeMonaco are sitting down and talking about the final direction. We should be hearing something more official in the coming months. Watch your back!


Source: Variety