The Sexy Succubus Morrigan Aensland in Seductive Cosplay

Some of us older gamers and cosplayers remember when Dark Stalkers: The Night Warriors came out in 1994. At the time, it was a really awesome, badass fighting game with a host of fantastic characters, the favorite of many being Morrigan. She was – and is – just so much fun to play. Morrigan the sexy succubus has endured along with the Dark Stalkers franchise, becoming its central character and one of Capcom’s most iconic female fighters.


In the Dark Stalkers’ story, Morrigan is the adopted daughter of Belial and was so powerful that Belial split her power into three separate parts. One part remained with Morrigan, one part went into Belial, and one part into a pocket dimension – which eventually became a being unto itself and formed Lillith. Fast forward a bit to Belial’s death and Morrigan being the new ruler of the demon realm of Makai. Morrigan wasn’t so much for the responsibilities of ruling, though. She preferred to hang out the human world and get into all manner of fights. Eventually, she met up with Lilith and the two merge into one, making Morrigan uber powerful.


Morrigan preys on the stolen dreams and life essences of sleeping men. Just a kiss can be enough for her to completely drain the energy from her victims. Thankfully, seeing photos of incredible Morrigan cosplays seems to GIVE energy. These certainly made my heart beat faster. This collection of incredible images is an awesome collaboration between photographer Oscar Wajbaum and cosplayer HezaChan, who is known for her anime and video game cosplays. Seeing a lovely Morrigan shot in a graveyard is nothing short of awesome. Great cosplay by HezaChan, and gorgeous shots by Oscar. To see more of their work together, be sure to visit Oscar’s Deviantart page.