The Show to See! Fifth Element’s Diva Cosplay

Right before a chaotic attack is unleashed on the luxury space cruise, an undercover Korban Dallas is finely dressed and quietly enjoying an intriguing opera show. It stars the out-of-this-world Diva Plavalaguna, holder of the four element stones. Her inhuman tonal range and powerful signing voice leave the audience in absolute awe!


One of the most enjoyable things about cosplay is seeing the more unthought-of characters recreated by fans. Wide-eyed Leeloo’s, in each of her memorable outfits, and even some cheetah clad Ruby Rhod’s have kept the love for The Fifth Element alive and well in the cosplay scene. Though, Freia Raven has come right out of left field and surprised us with her Diva costume. Her poses and mid song facial expressions are insanely convincing! Her full body blue suit and dress, headpiece, and long tendrils create a wonderfully spot on silhouette of our favorite space opera performer!



Photography by Timofey Khanzhin

Freia Raven has even more costumes for you to see at her DeviantArt page!




Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz