The Simpsons are Coming to Minecraft on PlayStation

The Simpsons are finally coming to Minecraft on PlayStation platforms alongside a new Alex skin, it has been announced today. The Alex skin in question is just a female variation of Minecraft’s default Steve skin. Yay!

Mojang’s Owen Hill revealed that the Alex skin is available now via a free update on all PlayStation platforms. He also announced that The Simpsons Skin Pack will be made available from the PlayStation store from April 29 and will cost $2.99. The pack originally released on Xbox One included 24 new character skins.

For those curious about which skins will be included; you can be sure some of your favorites are in there. The pack includes Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson, Otto, Nelson, Ralph, and Groundskeeper Willie.

Have you got a favorite skin pack from the ones released so far? Let us know who you want to see added next to the ever evolving game.