The Strain Comes to Comic-Con With Virtual Reality

FX did a little something special for those who are fans of The Strain — or who might be interested in watching the show, at this year’s Comic Con. If you weren’t there one can only imagine what they did, so let me paint you a little picture. There was a small, brick building set up that looked a bit worse for wear on the outside, SOS scribed in spray paint on the side. However, once inside the room is almost pitch black — aside from a few red lights that dimly lit the room. Here’s where the good part comes — those who waited in line at Comic Con for The Strain display were able to enjoy virtual reality and a lucky few groups even got to do it with Kevin Durand inside with them.

Speaking of, Kevin Durand’s character — Vasiliy Fet, makes an appearance in the virtual reality Comic Con goers got to enjoy. First their eyes fall onto The Strain logo, and then the fun begins. Vasiliy Fet takes you around the world featured in The Strain, allowing you to “tour” a warehouse full of vampires. Players can take in their surroundings by turning in their seats or their heads to get a full view of what’s around them. Vasiliy takes on the vampires that you encounter, paving the way for you to run the heck out of the warehouse. Unfortunately, grabs hold of you passing the vampirism to you and that’s when… WHACK! Vasiliy has to end your life and the virtual reality display is over.

As someone who was able to sit in on The Strain display, you truly do feel like you’re New York City with Visaliy in the midst of everything that’s going on. Getting to meet Kevin Durand — even if he was out of costume, only added to everything. FX did a fantastic job with getting viewers pumped for the second season of The Strain. In addition, anyone who went through the attraction were able to leave with a The Strain themed trading card.



The Strain airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on FX — yesterday marked the start of the second season so you’ve still got time to catch up!


Some Comic-Con attendees ready to take on The Strain VR experience