The Vampire Diairies American Gothic TV Recap

“The Vampire Diairies” Season 4: Episode 18 “American Gothic” TV Recap

This week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” begins right where we left off last week with Elena and Rebecca searching for Katherine throughout Pennsylvania. Rebecca is impatient because they have not found Katherine yet, but they briefly stop searching because Elena wants to feed. When Elena chooses her victim and proceeds to bite the woman’s neck, the woman resists and asks Elena what she is doing; she tells Elena that she thought Katherine likes to feed off of her wrist, not her neck. Elena and Rebecca realize this woman thinks Elena is Katherine, and they find out Katherine is in town and has compelled everyone to know her and allow her to feed on them.

The two girls go searching for Katherine and their trail stops at the post office where a man tells them she just left minutes before they arrived. When they split up to go looking for her, Katherine finds Elena first and threatens to kill her. Rebecca shows up and saves Elena; being the older vampire Rebecca is significantly stronger than Katherine. Elena and Rebecca take Katherine to a diner to interrogate her. They find out Katherine plans to give the cure to Klaus in exchange for her freedom. Elena takes Katherine’s phone and finds out she is supposed to meet someone named Em later that afternoon. Since Katherine will not divulge any more details, Elena decides to go meet Em to see what she can find out, and forces Katherine to give her some of Katherine’s clothes so Elena can impersonate Katherine. When Elena goes to meet Em, it turns out Em is actually Elijah, one of the Originals and Rebecca’s brother. Elijah quickly realizes Katherine is actually Elena, and takes her away.

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Meanwhile back in Mystic Falls, Klaus is struggling to get the small piece of the white oak dagger out of his back that Silas left. Silas visits Klaus again, this time impersonating Caroline, reminds him that Klaus has to help Silas get the cure. The real Caroline arrives soon after and tells Klaus she will help remove the dagger from Klaus’ back if Klaus allows Tyler to come back to Mystic Falls. Klaus lies in pain but stubbornly refuses to allow Tyler to come back to Mystic Falls. Katherine cannot believe Klaus is so unforgiving and the two of them get into a heated argument. When they stop arguing, Klaus notices the pain in his back is gone and that the piece of the dagger was never in his back. Klaus explains Silas got into Klaus’ head and manipulated him to feel pain, but Caroline was able to take Klaus mind off of the pain and thus it disappeared. Caroline realizes if Silas is able to get into Klaus’ brain, then they are all vulnerable to Silas’ power.

At the diner, Stefan and Damon meet up with Rebecca and Katherine. Katherine tells them that Elena went to meet Elijah, and that Katherine is using Elijah to broker a deal with Klaus. Stefan leaves to go find Elijah and Elena, and when he doesn’t find them he calls Elijah using Katherine’s phone. Elijah answers and demands to know where Katherine is. Damon and Rebecca force Katherine to take them to the Katherine’s place to find the cure. Katherine tries to trick them by pretending the cure was stolen from her safe, but Damon doesn’t fall for her trick. Damon sees Katherine has a fish tank without fish and assumes the cure is hidden inside the tank within a treasure chest. When Damon sticks his arm into the tank, he finds the water is laced with vervain. Katherine rushes to the tank and submerges Damon’s head in the water. She quickly takes the treasure chest out of the water and runs to the door. Rebecca beats her to the door, and Katherine gives her the cure and flees. Rebecca is elated to have the cure, and despite Damon’s protests she doesn’t hesitate to take the cure. After taking it, she passes out on the couch.

While this is occurring, Elena and Elijah discuss Katherine and the cure. Elena questions whether Elijah should trust Katherine. She points out that Elijah and other men always fall for Katherine’s plans and every time she betrays them. Elijah recognizes something is different about Elena. Elena tells him that Jeremy was killed by Katherine, and thus she turned her humanity off to avoid the pain of this loss. Elijah tells Elena he did not know Katherine killed Jeremy in order to get the cure. Elijah explains to Elena that he hopes someday she will get her humanity back, and Elena tells him that is pointless. She points out that Elijah is working with Katherine in the hopes that Katherine will change as well, and she explains Katherine will never change. Elijah says it is worth it to hope for change.

Suddenly, Katherine shows up and snaps Elena’s neck. Elijah is upset that Katherine did not tell him that she killed Jeremy. He asks Katherine if she feels any sympathy for Elena since Elena is fated to live in Katherine’s shadow forever. He points out that Katherine killed the last of Elena’s family and now Elena doesn’t have a family just like Katherine. Katherine doesn’t seem bothered by this and explains Jeremy was collateral damage. Elijah asks her if he is collateral damage as well and when Katherine tells him no, Elijah explains he doesn’t believe her and leaves.

At the house, Rebecca wakes up feeling great. When Damon throws a stake at her, she is able to catch it. She proceeds to cut herself on her hand, and when she instantly heals they realize Rebecca is still a vampire and Katherine gave them a false cure. Katherine goes to the home of one of the compelled townspeople and gets the true cure. She meets Elijah and tells him she sincerely wants her freedom and has no reason to betray Elijah. She explains that she could use the cure on Klaus, but if did that she would lose Elijah forever and she does not want that to happen. She gives him the cure to give to Klaus, tells him he can decide to trust her or not, and leaves. Elijah meets Rebecca at his car. She tells him she cannot believe he is working with Katherine and asks for the cure for herself. He doesn’t understand why she would want to be human again, and she explains she has lived 20 lifetimes already and is ready to die as she chooses. She begs for the cure, but then Klaus calls to find out the status of their search. Elijah tells Klaus he has the cure and will bring it back to Mystic Falls to broker a deal with him.

After he gets off the phone with his brother, Klaus thanks Caroline for helping him. He asks Caroline if they can be friends, and she simply asks him if he will let Tyler come back. He points out that he really isn’t actively searching for Tyler, implying Tyler can come back to Mystic Falls.

The episode ends with Stefan and Damon discussing why they need Elena to take the cure. Stefan tells Damon he owes Elena the cure, and once she takes it he plans to leave Elena alone. Damon tells Stefan he will help get the cure for Elena and they will try to convince her to take it. They meet Elena in the diner, and she firmly tells them she does not want the cure and if they try to convince her to take it there will be consequences. Stefan and Damon tell her they will not accept her decision. When a waitress comes to their table, Elena snaps the waitress’ neck and she tells the brothers that is the first consequence of them not taking her seriously.

And that concludes this week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries”! Now that Elijah has the cure and is bringing it to Klaus, it will be interesting to see how Klaus handles this situation knowing Silas is able to get inside his head and manipulate him. Silas is proving to be a very powerful enemy, but with all three Originals back in Mystic Falls we hope they can defeat Silas and stop his spell from being completed. Vampire Elena continues to be quite a drag with her continuous pouting and emotionless actions. Hopefully Stefan and Damon will either turn Elena’s humanity back on or give her the cure so we can have the old Elena back. Sadly “The Vampire Diaries” will not be back until April 18th, so we will see you then with another recap!