The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12 "The Devil Inside"

The Vampire Diaries S5/E12 Recap “The Devil Inside”

“The Vampire Diaries” episode tonight wasted no time going right back into action. The episode tied up some loose ends from past storylines and set up what will hopefully be the plot trajectory for the rest of the season.

We begin with Katherine, inside Elena’s body, posing as Elena and approaching Matt. She sits down with Matt and has him take off his vervain bracelet so she can compel him. She tells him she is Katherine and that she wants to know everything she can about Elena, such as Elena’s birthday, Jeremy’s birthday, why she and Matt broke up, etc.

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Five hours before this incident, Nadia and Katherine are in a hotel room. Nadia explains that they need to make Katherine’s mind permanently inside Elena’s body or else Elena’s consciousness will emerge and Katherine’s mind will die. Nadia explains that Mia, the vampire- traveler who helped Nadia last episode, needs Katherine’s body in order to complete the spell. Nadia ties Katherine to the bed just in case Elena’s mind starts to emerge, and Nadia leaves to search for Katherine’s body.

Damon enters the Salvatore mansion with a shovel and covered in dirt. He explains to Stefan that he just buried Katherine’s body. Nadia arrives at the mansion and explains she needs Katherine’s body in order to give her a proper burial. Damon refuses to tell Nadia where he buried the body.

At the Lockwood mansion, Matt is looking for his phone when he finds Tyler passed out on the couch. Tyler wakes up and starts drinking immediately. Matt clearly knows something is wrong with Tyler, so he asks what happened in New Orleans. Tyler tells Matt he does not want to go into details but that basically Klaus kicked his ass. Tyler explains to Matt he is back in Mystic Falls for a fresh start, so Matt decides to throw Tyler a welcome back party.

Meanwhile, Caroline is cleaning her dorm room when Aaron arrives. He explains he wants to know where Elena is because he wants to let Elena know that Wes won’t be a problem anymore and that he is sorry for what happened to her. Aaron leaves and finds Enzo in his room.

Back in her dorm room, Stefan calls Caroline asking for help with Damon. He wants Damon and Elena back together and wants her help. Caroline knows she cannot judge Elena for having feelings for Damon when she recently slept with Klaus, so she agrees to help Stefan. Caroline says she thought Elena was staying with Stefan, but Stefan thought Elena was staying at the dorms. They both grow suspicious about Elena’s whereabouts.

In the motel room, Elena’s consciousness wakes up. She realizes what is happening and tries to break free from the bed so she can escape. When she breaks free, Nadia arrives and casts a spell on Elena to suppress her consciousness again. Once Katherine’s mind is back, she notices Elena’s phone is ringing off the hook. Nadia knows Elena’s friends are growing suspicious about Elena’s whereabouts, so Katherine decides she will talk to Matt to learn about Elena so she can better emulate her. She plans to attend Tyler’s party so she can try to figure out where her body was buried.

Meanwhile, Damon comes home to find Enzo inside the mansion. Enzo brought Aaron Whitmore unconscious and in a body bag for Damon to kill and complete his revenge. When Damon hesitates, Enzo calls him soft and says that this is not the Damon Salvatore he shared a cell with. When Damon still hesitates, Enzo says if Damon does not kill Aaron, he will. Damon does not want to kill Aaron because he knows Elena will hate him. Aaron wakes up and Damon knocks Enzo out before Enzo can kill him. He compels Aaron to leave and never come back.

Katherine arrives at Tyler’s welcome back party and cannot get in because she has not been invited. Matt invites her in and Katherine compels him to go away. Katherine finds Stefan and tries her best to impersonate Elena. She asks Stefan if he is ok with Katherine’s death and he says she is. Clearly upset, she asks him where Katherine’s body is buried, and he tells her Damon will not say where it is except that she is buried where she was always meant to be.

Caroline finds Katherine at the party thinking she is Elena. She wants to talk to Elena about sleeping with Klaus. When she finally confesses, Katherine makes sure Tyler can overhear their conversation, and he leaves upset.

Katherine and Nadia find Katherine’s body in the tomb from season 1, where Katherine was suppose to be buried for 150 years. Mia is there ready to prepare the spell to make Katherine’s consciousness permanently in Elena’s body. As she is performing the spell, Elena’s consciousness wakes up, but Elena continues to act like Katherine so that Nadia cannot suppress her mind again. Once the spell is almost complete, Elena panics, knocks Mia out, stabs Nadia, and flees.

Back at the Lockwood Mansion, Caroline finds Tyler . He is clearly angry with her for sleeping with Klaus. He reminds Caroline about all of the people Klaus killed and tells Caroline to leave. Caroline refuses and Tyler screams at her while putting his hybrid face on. Stefan interrupts their fight and Tyler tells him what happened. Stefan punches Tyler for how he was treating Caroline.

As Elena is running away from the tomb, Katherine’s memories begin to come back and her consciousness is beginning to take over. Elena fights it as she runs for help. When she arrives at the Lockwood Mansion she finds Damon. She runs to him and gives him a hug, but as he embraces her, the spell is completed and Elena’s mind is gone. Damon, thinking he is talking to Elena, confesses he needs her in his life and that he makes him a better person. He explains without her, he will go back to the darkness. Katherine tells Damon she cannot be the only reason he has to live, and says she will not get back together with him.

Katherine goes back to the tomb and kills Mia. Nadia wants to leave Mystic Falls with Katherine, but Katherine doesn’t want to leave. She says for the first time in 500 years no one is chasing her and she wants to enjoy being Elena Gilbert for awhile. She also wants Stefan Salvatore. Nadia says she will stay with Katherine, but she does not want to be the person stopping Katherine from getting what she wants.

At the Salvatore Mansion, Stefan finds Caroline at the mansion, Caroline wants to know if Stefan thinks she is a bad person, and Stefan says no.

The episode ends with Aaron driving out of town. He sees a body lying in the road and stops to see if the person is OK. The body turns out to be Enzo, and Damon appears as well. Aaron explains he thought Damon wouldn’t hurt him because of Elena, and Damon explains Elena does not mean anything to him anymore, and after saying that Damon attacks Aaron.

And that concludes another episode of “The Vampire Diaries!” It appears Katherine will be our big bad the rest of the season as Aaron and Wes appear to be out of the picture. I have to admit this season seems a bit disjointed than seasons past. I really hope if Katherine is the villain the rest of the season, that she will meet a permanent death. Her character is beginning to be boring and predictable. However, the writers are clearly trying to imply there is something going on between Stefan and Caroline, and if that is the case, it will make for an exciting showdown between Caroline and her sire. Also, Tyler has no right to treat Caroline the way he was; he has left her repeatedly for selfish reasons and with repercussions. I hope that relationship is finished. Lastly, it will be interesting to see how Elena will come back now that the spell is permanent. Maybe Bonnie will be able to help, or perhaps other travelers will come forward and help. We will have to wait and see, so until next time have a fabulous week!