The Vampire Diaries Death and the Maiden Recap

“The Vampire Diaries” S5/E7 Recap “Death and the Maiden”

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Finally! The Silas story line is over and we can move forward. While this episode was a bit anticlimactic, it makes for a promising new beginning as we will hopefully learn more about the Augustine Society in future episodes and cleanse ourselves from the confusing Silas plot we have had to endure last season. Let’s begin!

We find Silas at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere talking with a young couple. He begins to make them nervous as he talks about how he was turned to stone and has been waiting to be with the love of his life for 2,000 years. He tells the couple about Amara and Tessa and the history between the three of them. As the couple grows more nervous, Silas begins to turn the man’s organs into liquid; the woman runs away terrified. Silas leaves the man at the bus stop and gets on a bus to Virginia.

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At Tessa’s cabin, Stefan’s nightmares about his time locked up in the underwater safe come back. Since he has his memories back, he is remembering the time he spent locked up and who saved him from the safe. When Stefan wakes up, he finds Elena in the cabin making coffee for him. Elena learns that Stefan has his memories back and takes him back to the Salvatore mansion.

Damon quizzes Stefan to ensure he really has his memories back. Then, he takes Stefan to the dungeon to show him Amara, who is being held captive. Damon explains that they have to keep Amara alive because she is the anchor and if she dies the other side will be destroyed. If she dies before Silas can cast a spell to bring Bonnie back, they will never get Bonnie back.

At Whitmore College, Katherine gets her lab results back from Wes. He explains there is nothing wrong with her, and that she is simply aging. Katherine is not happy with this news and demands he find a way to cure her. Wes tells her there is no way to stop the aging and that she only has months to live.

Back at the mansion, Damon calls Silas to see where he is. Damon is anxious to get Silas’ help to save Bonnie. Silas lets Damon know he has no interest in saving Amara and getting Bonnie back; he wants Amara to die so they can live in the after life together.

Back at the college, Caroline calls Jessie to remind him he missed another study session. Nadia surprises Caroline and asks where Katherine is. Before Caroline can answer, Katherine arrives and tries to flee to avoid Nadia. Caroline notices the odd tension between Katherine and Nadia, and leaves. Nadia wants to know why Katherine has been avoiding her, and Katherine will not tell Nadia about how she is slowly dying.

Inside the dungeon, Bonnie is watching Amara when Jeremy brings Amara dinner. Amara recognizes Jeremy and knows he is a hunter. She remembers him from the afterlife. Then she notices Bonnie, and they realize Amara is able to see both humans and supernatural spirits alike. Bonnie realizes she could replace Amara as the anchor and come back from the dead. Jeremy proposes Bonnie’s plan to Damon and Elena, and they decide to put it into action. They know Tessa is the only one who can perform the spell.

Damon goes to Tessa’s cabin and proposes a deal with her. He tells Tessa they have Amara in their dungeon and they will let her kill Amara if they make Bonnie the anchor. Tessa agrees but explains she needs doppelganger blood to perform the spell.

Tessa arrives at the mansion and is taken to Amara. Amara apologies to Tessa for falling in love with Silas, and begs Tessa to kill her. Tessa explains she will end her life in time.

Katherine arrives at the mansion, but tells Tessa she will help help with the spell if Tessa agrees to perform a spell to stop Katherine’s aging. Tessa agrees to help Katherine, and all three doppelgangers form a circle with Tessa. Tessa takes blood from each of the doppelganger’s hands and drops the blood onto Bonnie’s grimwar to begin the spell. Once the spell begins working, Silas arrives and stops Tessa from performing the spell.

The power goes out the Salvatore mansion and Tessa disappears from the room. Stefan took Amara out in the woods and calls Silas letting him know he has Amara. Silas meets them in the woods and knocks Stefan out. Amara tells Silas she does not want to live any longer. Silas begins to cut Amara’s throat and obey her wish to die, but before he can kill her Stefan stops him. Stefan is able to fatally stab Silas. Amara takes the knife out of Silas and stabs herself.

Back at the mansion, Tessa begins to perform the spell. She is able to finish the spell seconds before Amara dies. Bonnie is brought back and everyone can see her. Katherine goes looking for Tessa to make Tessa hold her end of the bargain and finds Tessa in a pool of blood. Tessa wants to find Silas in the afterlife so she cuts her wrists and kills herself. Once she dies, she appears to Bonnie and tells Bonnie now that she is the anchor, every supernatural being that dies will have to pass through her and it will be painful each time. Tessa passes through Bonnie and she screams.

Elena finds Stefan in the woods and asks him if killing Silas took away his suffering. Stefan says he does not feel better. He explains to Elena that he wanted her and Damon to be the one to find him in the safe. Stefan proceeds to bury Silas, hoping this will make his pain go away. Sadly, he keeps having visions of his time underwater.

And with that, the Silas storyline is hopefully over! I am glad they simply killed Silas and Amara without too many hoops to go through. And, thankfully, now we will only have deal with two doppelgangers, Elena and Katherine. I have to admit I am sad to see Tessa gone. I think she was a fun and unpredictable character, and I would much rather have the writers bring her back than Silas or Amara. I rather enjoyed the way they brought Bonnie back into the fold and now perhaps other lost characters, like Alarick and Bonnie’s grandmother, can come back into the story. “The Vampire Diaries” really has not been the same since Alarick died, and now there is a legitimate way to bring him back into the story. I really hope we can move forward with the new plot this season and put the Silas mess behind us. The Augustine Society storyline seemed very interesting and I hope the rest of the season will address this new enemy.