The Vampire Diaries S4 Recap

The Vampire Diaries Season Four Recap

Warning: Season 4 spoilers ahead!

“The Vampire Diaries” starts again tonight! After a long wait, we will finally learn what happens to Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie and Jeremy. How long will it take for the group to realize Stefan is actually Silas? And when will Bonnie let everyone know she died while performing lifting and dropping the veil? There are so many questions that need to be answered, but first let’s quickly recap the overall plot from last season!

Episode 4:1– Growing Pains

Elena wakes up to find she has become a vampire. She has to decide whether or not she wants to live her life forever as a vampire within 24 hours, and if she makes this choice she will have to feed on a human. Bonnie tries to use magic to see if she can turn Elena back into a human since she has not been dead for 24 hours, but unfortunately her magic doesn’t work and she angers the spirit world. Elena drinks human blood and officially becomes a vampire. Pastor Young and the remaining members of the Town Council die in a mysterious explosion.

Episode 4:2– Memorial

Elena is struggling with her transition, while Damon and Stefan argue over how they should handle Elena and her transition into a vampire lifestyle. Damon wants Elena to live like him and feed on humans, while Stefan wants Elena to feed on animals and blood bags like Stefan. Stefan argues Elena is too good of a person to hurt people, thus his lifestyle is a better choice for her. As the town prepares for a memorial for the Town Council members who died in the explosion, a new person comes to Mystic Falls, Connor, and begins questioning the townsfolk about the deaths of those in the town council. At the memorial, Connor tries to shoot Stefan, which makes the vampires believe Connor is in town to kill vampires.

Episode 4:3– The Rager

Connor remains in Mystic Falls and continues to question those who are associated with vampires. He makes an effort to befriend Jeremy and use him to uncover town secrets. When Klaus notices a marking on Connor’s stake, he saves Connor’s life without telling the others and for reasons currently unknown.

Episode 4:4– The Five

Klaus tells the group about the “Five”, a group of vampire hunters he and his siblings encountered in the 12th Century. The Originals learned that an invisible map slowly grows on the skin of a vampire hunter with every vampire a hunter kills. This map eventually leads to a place where the cure for vampirism lies. Connor is one of the Five, and thus he is valuable because he can lead the group to the cure. Elena’s brother, Jeremy, is the only one who can see the map on Connor’s skin, and Connor explains to Jeremy that he can see the map because he is destined to become one of the Five. Elena, Bonnie, and Damon visit the local college to question Professor Shane, who took over for Bonnie’s grandmother, about witchcraft and folklore. At the end of the episode, Connor visits Professor Shane, and we learn they are working together.

Episode 4:5– The Killer

Connor traps Jeremy, Matt, and April inside the Mystic Grill and holds them hostage. Elena, Stefan, and Damon all argue over how to rescue their friends. Elena takes matters into her own hands kills Connor to save her friends, despite the consequences. Bonnie continues to work with Professor Shane to learn more about a witchcraft called Expression.

Episode 4:6– We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes

Elena is slowly going mad over the hallucinations she sees due to her killing a vampire hunter. The only way for her to get rid of the hallucinations is for a new vampire hunter to emerge. Jeremy kills one of Klaus’ hybrids to fulfill the curse and becomes a vampire hunter, and cures Elena from the visions. We learn Shane knew Pastor Young and had something to do with explosion at the farmhouse. Shane tells a story about an ancient witch named Silas, an immortal that was buried alive with the vampire cure centuries ago.

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