The Vampiress Moka Akashiya Is Stunning in This Cosplay!

Yokai Academy is a school for monsters, and — while that seems like it might be cool to attend, when you’re the only human there it makes it that much scarier. At least that’s true for Tsukune Aono, the main protagonist for Rosario + Vampire. That’s what happens when you get bad grades and can’t go anywhere else, and Tsukune fears for his life sure, but that doesn’t stop him from making friends. One of said friends is Moka Akashiya, who quickly becomes obsessed with his blood. Yeah, she’s a vampire and she’s attending Yokai Academy in order to learn how to coexist with humans and even blend in with them — all the monsters are.

However, Moka serves as the leading love interest for Tsukune — but she’s more much than just that. The girl has two personalities, each depending on whether or not she’s wearing her rosary. If she is, Moka is sweet and kind but when she’s not… I’d watch out. When Moka’s rosary is removed she becomes cold, serious and knows how to kick butt. Outer Moka is also known for her good looks and academic skill, whereas her inner personality is more arrogant and aggressive. Essentially, Moka can be the best of both worlds — utilizing each personality as she sees fit.


With such a uniqueness, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that one would want to take on either of the girl’s personality. While there have been others to take on Moka Akashiya only a few deserve high praises for it and Foxy Cosplay is one of the few. She’s taken on Moka’s outer personality, and has done a fantastic job with her. The pink hair is prominent, and the sweet features Moka possesses have been highlighted.