There’s a Little bit of Sweet and Evil in This Lucy Cosplay

There’s something seductive about someone who can be sweet and sour — capable of holding two personalities at once. It keeps you on your toes, maybe not always in a good way, anticipating and guessing whether it will be the innocent version or evil version of who one is. In the case of Lucy — or maybe you know her as Kaede or Nyu, in Elfen Lied this seems to embody such traits, as she has innocent and normal versions of herself.


Lucy serves as the main protagonist for Elfen Lied and was born with horns atop her head. Her whole life she believed she was abandoned by both her parents, only to later find out that her mother had continued her search for her daughter long after Lucy’s father abandoned her. Nyu — Lucy or Kaede, was no stranger to teasing as there was a clump of boys who seemed to poke fun at her for the heck of it. The girl was friendless, often seeking companionship with her puppy instead of humans — even if she wasn’t exactly one herself. It wasn’t until she met Kouta that she gained a true friend, at least for some time.


The uniqueness of such a character seemed to make Nyu a fan favorite — whether that be with those who watch anime or those who cosplay. However, not all who have cosplayed as Lucy have done as fantastically as Kotori Cosplay who has taken the character to a whole new level. While Lucy does have a bit of edge to her, the sweetness the girl possesses is captured in this cosplay making it one of the better out there.

Photography by e-onel Photography