There’s Nothing Icy about This Stunning Glaceon Cosplay

There’s not much that’s more adorable than a Pokemon and it generally doesn’t matter which we’re referring to either. Whether you’re more into Pikachu, Charizard, or any of the other Pokemon out there, you’ve probably thought your favorite — or even one that wasn’t, was truly too cute to resist. Cosplayers felt the same way and since it’s hard to literally become a Pokemon, as such a feat might require a lot of plastic surgery and the spontaneous growing of fur, they’ve come up with a creative way of turning into their favorite Pokemon.


For those who are avid fans the name Glaceon might ring a bell and for those who aren’t I’ll give you a quick rundown. Glaceon is a fresh snow Pokemon who stands at a whopping two feet tall. It possesses blue and teal — maybe even green in some spots, and perhaps has cat-like mannerisms. However you choose to describe the Pokemon, it’s adorable and cosplayer K-I T S U N-E obviously thought so as well. She’s put a delightful twist on Glaceon and while the Pokemon isn’t as adorable — as there’s a bit more edge to this cosplay than the Pokemon itself possesses, there’s no denying that this cosplay is one of skill. There has been thought put into how to make this cosplay unique in its own right and K-I T S U N-E has done an amazing job with Glaceon.


Photography by Ruffys FotografieAxcelsior, and Cuerography