There’s Nothing Painful about this Beautiful Quiet Cosplay

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain caused an uproar since its release, most loving the title and what it has to offer. Gamers have even taken a liking to a multitude of the characters, Quiet included — who takes her name literally. Quiet is an elite Russian sniper and assassin who was part of XOF during the 1980s. She’s known to wear less clothing than normal, due to the fact that she can only breathe through her skin and wearing too much might lead to suffocation.


Not that anyone is complaining about her lack of clothing, considering Quiet is a woman of beauty. Don’t let her looks fool you though, as she’s as deadly as she is beautiful. With her presence in the games, it’s no wonder that people have grown quiet attached to Quiet — gamers and cosplayers alike, that is. While there have been cosplayers who have dressed up as Quiet before not all have done as good of a job as Jillstyler Cosplay. She’s dirtied herself up, wearing Quiet’s clothing — or lack there of, and all of the details within the cosplay make it an outstanding one.


Photography by Florencia Sofen