This Ashe Cosplay is a Frosty Beauty

Photography by WeNeals

Ashe is one of my favorite League of Legends champions.  She is a Marksman who provides excessive damage along with slowing capabilities to help ensure her kills.  When played properly, Ashe is an extremely powerful champion that can truly help carry her team to victory.  Many of us League players have a soft spot in our hearts for Ashe, as she is known as being one of the best starter champs.

ashe-cosplay-2Photography by Nicole Ciaramella

Talented cosplayer Riddle wows us with this amazing Ashe cosplay.  She looks stunning in Ashe’s hooded blue attire and platinum blonde wig.  Riddle even adds a unique touch of bright white contacts, which is absolutely fitting of the icy beauty.  Riddle has provided viewers with an amazing Ashe cosplay that is simply magnificent, showing us just how dedicated she is to her craft.  Be sure to check out more of her cosplays by visiting her Facebook page!

ashe-cosplay-3Photography by AMPCosplay